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Discipline Workshops for Teachers

Michelle (PA to the CEO| Proactive Education) wrote:
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A workshop to help understand and improve the management of learner behaviour by implementing the
“Broken Window” approach to discipline

An essential workshop for management, educators, disciplinarians and psychological support staff

One of the key elements that affect the health of the school’s environment is the issue of managing learner behaviour through the disciplinary processes of a school. Management, educators and other staff are dealing with problematic behaviour from the learners on a daily basis.

We live in a time where there appears to be a real decline in the area of discipline in general. The result of this decline is seen and felt by educators and school management who deal with the learner.  Learners are lacking some basic character elements, such as a good work ethic, taking responsibility for their actions, self-control, open disrespect, defiance to name a few.
There are many factors that contribute to this, such as family life, rights based thinking without responsibility, exposure to violence, learners influence on one another, poverty and/or wealth, conduct of our countries leaders and learners’ developmental difficulties.

This workshops aim is as follows:

1.            To address the daily difficulties that educators and support staff face when dealing with learners’ problematic behaviour.
2.            How the theory of “Broken Windows” can be applied in the schools’ disciplinary processes?
3.            To understand the purpose of discipline within the school environment.
4.            The intended effect discipline should have on learner behaviour.
5.            Why there is conflict over the implementation of a system of discipline in the school.
6.            The various paradigms that influence our approach to discipline.
7.            The generational views of discipline held by educators.
8.            The example that is set by staff with regards to their personal discipline and the general care of the school’s environment.
9.            An evaluation of the school’s code of conduct, with a view to clarify any sections that are ambiguous.
10.          “The Way of the Broken Window” in school life on a daily basis.
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