Thursday, 5 March 2015

SGB Elections 2015

Dear Colleagues


1.     Thank you to those schools who have already sent in their election dates and names of Electoral Officers to both Magda and I. There are, however, quite a number of schools who have not yet submitted their information. PLEASE DO SO IMMEDIATELY.
2.     You are reminded that only certificated (trained) Principals are permitted to be appointed as Electoral Officers. Principals are requested to ensure that their trained Deputy Principals are on standby to act on their behalf (at the schools where they have been appointed as Electoral Officers), should they take ill, etc. However, if you are incapacitated for whatever reason and cannot serve as the electoral officer of a school, you must first approach a certificated school electoral officer (principal) to assume your responsibilities before approaching your deputy principal.
3.     Deputy principals (trained) cannot be appointed to serve as school electoral officers unless in emergency situations as outlined above.
4.     The deputy principals were included in our training so that they would be knowledgeable of the election processes, and most importantly, to prepare them for their roles as facilitators of the School Electoral Team.
5.     Kindly ensure that you have collected your SEO appointment letter from the relevant Admin. Assistant.
6.     Selected Schools will be monitored. Attached please find the monitoring instrumentwhich all schools are expected to complete in respect of data required. This will assist you and your School Electoral team as a checklist in preparation for a successful election.
7.     This completed instrument must be forwarded to your IMG manager on the date of your election.
8.     School principals who still wish to be trained as electoral officers are welcome to attend a training session on Monday 9 March 2015 at 14:00 at the district office (Block A). Please contact Junaid Daries if you wish to attend.

Yours sincerely.

M. Junaid Daries
IMG Manager
Cicuit 2
Tel: 021 514 6707
Fax: 021 514 6953

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1. Circular: 0003/2015

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