Wednesday, 25 February 2015

SGB Salaries

Dear Principals

In the past I've been mainly posting about matters which WCED inform us, such as meetings, workshops or important information regarding IQMS, Safety, Assessment, etc.  Although I'm hoping to continue with this service, as far as I can manage - I'd like to remind colleagues that the second (and perhaps more important reason for this blog) is to hear/ read your opinions.  There are just so many things we as principals struggle with on a regular basis.  If we share our issues and opinions and frustrations, hopefully other principals or department officials will share there solutions or guidelines - so that we can all function much more effectively and efficiently.

One of the things I have trouble with from time to time, is SGB SALARIES and especially the tax/ UIF deductions.  In my opinion there is a real need for someone to address this and provide a service to take this burden off our shoulders.  Now I do know that there are some organisations that might offer assistance - but at what cost? (and here I'm using 'cost' very literally).  If any of our informed principals or officials have some guidelines, please share so that we can all benefit and be more productive.

Thank you

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Principal's Meeting

Dear Principals
Hope everybody is well.
Principals’ meeting will be held at Gardens Commercial HS on Tuesday, 17th February 2015, at  12:30.
Available parking at Cape Town High School.
Kind regards