Tuesday, 12 August 2014

School Improvement Monitoring for the third quarter

1. The following focus areas will be monitored in the third quarterly School

Improvement Monitoring (SIM) of the School Improvement Plan (SIP):

 Progress on the SIP;
 Workbooks;
 Textbooks and stationery;
 Grades 1 and 9 pass rates;
 Management (meetings with parents, planned teaching and support, the pace of  curriculum delivery, data management, attendance management, appointments);
 Desks and chairs;
 Infrastructure; and
 Financial management.

Monday, 11 August 2014

2014 Provincial School Discipline Summit

1. The issue of ill-discipline in schools has a direct impact on the performance and achievement of learners. A shared understanding is required of what discipline means and what alternatives can be put in place to promote discipline at our schools. The Directorate: Institutional Management and Governance Planning (IMGP) will be hosting two summits during August 2014 in order to address school discipline.

2. All school principals, school governing body (SGB) chairpersons as well as either the repre-sentative council of learners (RCL) chairperson or secretary are invited to attend one of the two Summits at the venue indicated below.

To view the complete circular (0012/2014) click CIRCULAR.