Friday, 18 October 2013

1000 Hits!

A huge THANK YOU to all principals and officials who took some time from their busy schedules to peruse our newly designed Principals’ Blog during the last +/- three months since inception. 
We have reached 1000 hits in this very short time!  This information is shown on the right of the Blog: below Total Pageviews.  By the time you visit the Blog again, this number would have increased.

I’m sure this is also due to a number of other principals, teachers and officials who might find it useful to frequent our blog. 

You might have noticed a name change (as suggested by Mr Daries).  Our blog is now called: MCED C2 Principals’ Forum.  If there are any further suggestions regarding a final name change, please forward them to me, unless of course we are all quite happy with the new name (which is much more specific than the previous one). Although the name that appears has changed, the address is still: .  To change this would mean rewriting many of the previous information.

Remember colleagues: the Blog is a service to all of us – so please use it as much as you feel you need to.  I’m hoping to run a short blogging course in the new year for those principals who are interested.  Let me know what you think.

If you would like to set the blog to appear with your internet home page – then I’ll be happy to guide you, if needed.

I would encourage principals to leave comments on the blog, regarding any further suggestions or input for future developments.  You will notice that I’ve posted an interesting article (blog post) entitled: Getting Control of Your Time ( which I think we all need to be able to do (especially myself!).  This was copied from another principal’s blog, written by Andy Johnson who is an ex-principal from America.

As I informed you at our principals’ meeting yesterday, the web addresses of those who forwarded them to me have been linked to the Page called: MCED Circuit Two Schools ( On this Page all our Circuit Two Schools are listed.  Those schools that have been linked will appear in a different colour (not black).  Once you on this page, you can merely click on the name of the school, and you’ll be redirected to the website of that school.   

If there are still schools that do not have a web page, no problem: create a blog!  This is what I have done for our school a few years ago.  You most welcome to have a look (  And although we do have a web site now, I personally prefer blogging – it’s so much easier, and I can do it myself! So why not you?  Remember those of you who would like to pursue this option on your own, just visit: for guidelines on How to become a blogger.  Or simply click the words: Become a Blogger below the Labels.
Best wishes for the rest of 2013.


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