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Directorate: Assessment Management
Reference: 15163
File: 14/3/2
Enquiries: Ms S Gqotso
Assessment Management Minute: 0017/2013
To: Deputy Directors-General, Chief Directors, Directors (Head Office  and  Education
District offices), Deputy Directors, Chief Education Specialists, Heads: Curriculum CoOrdination  and Advice, Circuit Team Managers, Heads: IMG Co-ordination  and
Advice, IMG Managers, GET Co-ordinators, Deputy Chief Education Specialists, Senior
Curriculum  Planners: General Education and Training, Assessment Co-ordinators,
Curriculum Advisers and Heads of institutions which offer Grades 1 - 6 and Grade 9

Subject: Management, conduct and marking of the 2013 Annual National Assessments
1. Introduction
1.1 Schools were informed in Circular 0023/2013 of the 2013 Annual National Assessments
(ANA) to be written by Grades 1 to 6 and 9 learners at ordinary public, state-aided
independent and some special schools.
1.2 The purpose of this minute is to provide guidelines for the management, conduct and
marking of the ANA.

2. Procedures before the writing of the ANA
2.1 Registration of learners
2.1.1 Schools were requested in Assessment Management Minute 0009/2013 to ensure that
all learner registration on the Centralised Education Management Information System
(CEMIS) was  completed correctly by 25 April 2013. This  was to ensure that learners
write the tests in the correct  language of learning and teaching (LoLT), subject and
2.1.2 Test papers will be packaged and distributed according to the CEMIS learner
registration information.  Schools will take responsibility for any shortages on the day of
Lower Parliament Street, Cape Town, 8001 Private Bag X9114, Cape Town, 8000
tel: +27 214672336 fax: +27 21 4679370 Employment and salary enquiries: 0861 92 33 22
Safe Schools: 0800 45 46 47

2.1.3 Any changes in registration must be finalised as soon as possible. Any discrepancies
found  in  the learner registration  information  on  the  CEMIS  must  be reported to Mr
Abdurahman Noordien or Mr Thando Pokolo at tel. no 021 467 9255.

2.2 Receipt, checking and storage of the test materials
2.2.1 The  tests will be delivered  to schools  in  one consignment  between 19 August and
4 September 2013.
2.2.2 The principal must verify the contents of the consignment to confirm that the school
has received the correct number of tests, as printed on the sticker, and in the correct
language of learning and teaching. The plastic bags containing the tests must not be
opened until the day of writing of the test.
2.2.3 The tests will be delivered to schools per grade and the boxes for each grade will be
identified by a colour-coded sticker. The grades will be indicated as follows:
Grade 1 Yellow
Grade 2 Pink
Grade 3 Blue
Grade 4 Red
Grade 5 Green
Grade 6 Orange
Grade 9 Purple

2.2.4 The ANA consignments will consist of the following:
 The ANA tests
 An ANA response slip
2.2.5 On receipt of the  consignment, the response slip, labelled  Annual National
Assessments Test Packing List, found in the box must be checked against the contents
of the  box(es),  and then  signed and faxed to  021 461 5628,  for the attention of
Ms Bronwyn Calvert.
2.2.6 In  the event of test shortages, please contact the assessment co-ordinator at your
education district office.
2.2.7 The tests must be stored in a secure place that is accessible only to the principal. The
stored tests  must  be  arranged in  the chronological order of writing, to ensure  that
each  test will be written on the  correct day.  The principal must ensure that all test
packages are stored and remain sealed until they are opened in front of the
invigilators on the day of writing.

2.2.8  A separate box which contains the following will be delivered to schools before
04 September 2013:
 The marksheets of the classes writing the ANA
 A password-protected CD containing the marking memoranda
 Control lists  and envelope  for the sample scripts to be submitted to the marking
 Copy of the ANA minute
 Teacher’s guide to the Annual National Assessments
 Addendum B to which new learners, who are not on the mark sheet,  must be

2.3 Invigilation
2.3.1 The principal will serve as the chief invigilator in his or her school, and must ensure that
an invigilation timetable is drawn up.
2.3.2 The ANA is a  national assessment.  Teachers should not provide assistance that will
advantage learners in any way.
2.3.3 Teachers teaching the Grades 1 and 2 classes will invigilate their own classes. Grades
3 - 6 and 9 teachers are  not allowed to invigilate the  classes they are currently
2.3.4 All questions have to be read aloud by the teacher to Grades 1 and 2 learners without
giving them the answers or clues. Learners in Grades 3  – 6 and 9  must  read the
questions themselves and work on their own.
2.3.5 Teachers who are invigilating the ANA must be provided with the attached Annexure
A: Teacher Guide to the Annual National Assessment at least a week before the
commencement of the test, to ensure that each teacher knows exactly how to
invigilate the allocated class.
2.3.6 Invigilators must be informed of the duration of the tests beforehand. The  principal
must ensure that the test time-frames are adhered to.
2.3.7 The principal is responsible for the training of all teachers who will invigilate the tests.
The minutes of this training meeting must be recorded and kept at the school, as this
will be verification that training has taken place.
2.3.8 The IMG manager is requested to verify that training of the principal and the
invigilators has taken place.

2.4 Test venue preparation
2.4.1 Allocated venues for writing the ANA are to be prepared at least one day before the
writing of each test.
2.4.2 Walls containing any material that could assist learners  must  be covered, or the
material removed.
2.4.3 Seating in the venue must be arranged in a manner that ensures that learners do not
have access to one another’s work.

3. Procedure on the day of writing an ANA
3.1 The ANA will be written from 10 - 13 September 2013. Each test will start at 09:00 on the
specified day. However, learners are required to report to the writing venues at least
15 minutes prior to the commencement of the test. Learners should be given 10 – 15
minutes to complete the details on the cover page (which should be written on the
board) and to go through the practice exercises.
3.2 Principals are reminded that these  test  days are ordinary school days and that
teaching and learning must resume immediately after the  tests  have been
3.3 Invigilators must ensure that learners are issued with the correct tests.
3.4 Invigilators must be provided with the relevant administrative information that is
requested on the cover page of the test, for example the school’s 9-digit EMIS number
and the name of the education district.

4. Procedure after writing the ANA
4.1 Marking and moderation
4.1.1 All Grades 1 – 6 and 9 scripts at ordinary public and special schools must be marked
and  internally moderated at school level by the subject teachers by 18 September
4.1.2 The password for the memoranda CD  will be  made available daily through the
district’s  assessment co-ordinator and it will be placed on the GET Assessment
Management website. The memoranda may  also  be accessed  at by clicking on
 “Teaching/Curriculum Support”,
 then on “Assessment Management”,
 then on “GET Assessment”,
 then on “Annual National Assessments” and
 then on “Annual National Assessments 2013”.

4.1.3 The mark sheets will be used for the recording of learners’ marks after internal
moderation has been completed.

4.2 Recording and reporting
4.2.1 Schools will be provided with mark sheets for each grade and class.  After internal
moderation at school level, marks must be captured by the teacher on the original
mark sheets provided.  The column marked  “Moderation” must not be used; this is
required for centralised re-marking.
4.2.2 Once the marks have been recorded on the mark sheets, these mark sheets must be
used for a random selection of a sample of Grades 3, 6 and 9 scripts. The original mark
sheets, along with the sampled scripts, must be submitted  to the education district
office for centralised re-marking. Schools are requested to make a photocopy of the
Grades 3, 6 and 9 mark sheets, for safe-keeping by the principal.
4.2.3 Schools will also be required to capture the marks electronically on  the  CEMIS. The
capture screen can be found under  “Assessments”. These marks, which must be
verified by the grade heads and the principal, must be entered on  the  CEMIS by
30 September 2013. A detailed separate minute on the capturing of marks will be sent
out in due course.

4.3 Centralised re-marking
4.3.1 Samples of three scripts per subject and per class for Grades 3, 6 and 9 from each
school will be re-marked by teachers at a central venue in each district.
4.3.2 Details on how to select a sample of scripts will be provided by the assessment coordinator in the education district office.
4.3.3 The sample of marked scripts and the original mark sheets must be submitted by the
principal to the education district  office/marking centre by 14:00 on 19 September
4.3.4 The control list found on the cover of the brown envelope supplied must be correctly
completed  and  signed off  by the principal before submitting  it  to the education

4.4 ANA verification (Grades 3, 6 and 9)
4.4.1 It is envisaged that approximately 230 schools in the Western Cape will be selected as
ANA verification schools.

4.4.2 An independent agent will monitor the administration of the Grades 3, 6 and 9 tests at
these schools. A sample of 25 scripts per subject per grade from the selected schools
will be removed by the independent agent, after all learners have written the ANA,
and marked independently. This sample of learners will be requested to write a further
anchor item, which will be provided by the independent agent.
4.4.3 School principals, teachers and learners of the selected ANA verification schools will
be requested to complete questionnaires, which will be provided by the independent
4.4.4 It is requested that schools make a copy of the scripts sampled by the independent
agent and hand the original sampled scripts to the independent agent on the day of
the test. The photocopied  scripts must be marked at school level and the marks
entered on the mark sheet.
4.4.5 School principals will be informed by the district office whether their school has been
selected as a school for ANA verification.
5. Please bring this minute to the attention of the teachers concerned.
DATE: 2013-08-20

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