Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Free Trees for Arbor Week

Arbor Month

Join our Arbor Week Celebrations
Celebrate Arbor Week by dropping off your old newspapers at any of our Garden Centres on 6 September and we’ll give you a FREE Indigenous Tree! Limited to 1 per family. What an amazing way to help the environment and to help decrease your carbon footprint. What’s more, with every tree you purchase, you will receive a free tree of the same variety. T's and C's apply.
Where it comes from ....
The great idea of turning tree-planting into a special event that encourages urban greening began with a visionary man called J.Sterling Morton. The first arbour day in 1872 was only aimed at the state of Nebraska in the US, but nonetheless, over a million trees were planted thanks to Morton’s passion and organisational skills.
Bridesy Northrop, a native of Conneticut began the move to globalize this fun day when he took the Arbour day and Village Improvement message to Japan where it was adopted enthusiastically. He later spread the word in Australia, Canada and Europe. Today, countries all over the world celebrate Arbour Day with tree planting drives.
South Africans love the concept so much, that we’ve gone from having an Arbour Day to having and Arbour week, and now you’ve got a whole month in which to join in and add your efforts to improving the environment by planting a tree!
How you can help ....
Plant a tree - Choose a good spot in your garden and turn the tree planting into a little ceremony with your family. Kids will love watching your tree grow, and you can use the occasion to teach them about global warming and how trees help to clean the air. There’s a certain magic over the years in watching a tree you planted with your own hands grow.
To read more visit or visit one of our Garden Centres to speak to any of our many horticulturists.

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