Tuesday, 20 August 2013

ANAs - Mathematics

The Principal and Mathematics Teachers (Grades 1 – 6)

Dear Colleagues


This notice serves to remind teachers of the above-mentioned, which take place on 12 and 13 September 2013.  Grades 1 – 5 will be tested on 12 September 2013 and Grades 3 – 6 on 13 September 2013.

The 2013 ANA exemplars are available on the DBE website: www.education.gov.za.  and can be downloaded at any time. 

It would also be advisable for schools to inform parents about the site and the user-friendly nature of it.

Schools may also approach our District Mathematics officials for copies of the 2013 ANA exemplars as well as the associated Assessment Guidelines at any time.

Kindly note, that the Assessment Guidelines define the scope of work that will be covered in the test for each grade.  It is therefore imperative that the Assessment Guidelines be consulted when revising and preparing learners for the 2013 ANAs.  Past ANAs should also be used.

The Assessment Guidelines outline the minimum curriculum content that must be covered by all learners before writing the ANA tests.

In the Intermediate Phase the tests will cover the work prescribed for the first three- quarters of the school year (2013).

Feel free to contact Messrs Alan Beukes and Franco Marsh at any time on: fmarsh@westerncape.gov.za and albeukes@westerncape.gov.za or on Cell numbers 083 361 2842 (Franco) and 082 607 3332 (Alan)  

Kind regards

Franco Marsh

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DATE: 20 August 2013

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