Thursday, 21 November 2013

Teacher Needed at Walmer Estate Primary

We (at WEPS) have decided to extend the deadline for applications for the Grade 6 - 7 Post (which is available for the duration of 2014) to Monday 25 November 2013.  Applicants must be able to teach English and Afrikaans.  This will be an SGB paid post.

Qualified educators who wish to apply, must please forward their CV to us by Monday (25-11-13).  Educators who have previously applied, must please indicate if they are still available.

All applicants will be informed by Tuesday 26 Nov. whether they will be invited for an interview.  Interviews will be conducted during the first week of December 2013.

Submit CVs and communication via our email address:

For more information go to: CONTACT DETAILS &


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Holiday Security

With the school holidays fast approaching, most principals and Safety Committees are probably making plans for Holiday Security Service Providers.

Lawrence Sodladla ( (of Safe Schools) sent me a list of registered service providers.
To view the list, go to: SECURITY

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


The professional judgement of the teacher in terms of the readiness of the learner to progress to the next grade is important in making a progression decision.  A learner who meets some of the progression requirements may be progressed to the next grade on condition that the learner is provided with the relevant support in order to achieve the level of competence in the relevant subject(s).  A progression decision should be made in the best interest of the learner.

To download the complete booklet detailing the latest information regarding Progression and Promotion, please click: PROGRESSION & PROMOTION BOOKLET

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Subject: Accurate EMIS information as pre-condition for Norms and Standards (Circular 0044-2013)

1. In November 2012, the Council of Education Ministers approved that the submission
of accurate EMIS information must be included as a pre-condition for schools to
receive payment of their Norms and Standards funding.

Completion of the CPTD forms

Good afternoon
     Attached please find the Nov. 2013 PM newsletter. The purpose of the letter is to support schools with regards to the following:
a) completion of the CPTD forms
b) the CPTD and PM forms required for submission commencing with Circuit 1 on 12 November.
c) the submission programme
as well as the process of how to sign-up electronically for the CPTD.