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1.  Circuit Two Newsletter - July 2013;

2.  Schedule of school visits - J. Daries: 
IQMS Programme_2013.docIQMS Programme_2013.doc
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3.  Schedule of school visits - M. Lambert:
IQMS PROGRAMME - 2013.docxIQMS PROGRAMME - 2013.docx
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Performance Management and School Visit Roster
Dear colleagues, attached please find my Performance Management and School Visit Roster, as well as the QA documents that must be utilised for the PM process. You are reminded that these dates are subject to change, given the demands both from HO and the district office on my programme. Please be informed that I shall only evaluate PS 1 - 4 if you are allocated a teaching load on your school's academic  timetable,  implying that your lesson should NOT be a once-off process!

To facilitate my visit and your evaluation, you are requested to complete and avail the following documents:

1. QA2 - QA 5; PGP
2. Educator Portfolio
3. Educator Assessment File
4. SIP
5. Staff Development Policy
6. Staff Development Register/Summary - list of educators and workshops they attended
7. Minutes of: Staff meetings; SMT meetings and SGB meetings
8. Promotion Schedules: March & June
9. Analysis of June Results
10. List of learners at risk
11. Educators' Intervention Files
12. PM Programme for Staff - list of staff, DSG's, evaluation dates, review dates
13. T3 SIM discussion
14. Staff vacancies (teaching & non - teaching)

Thanking you in anticipation.


PS: Please submit your leave forms to me whenever you have take leave!

M. Junaid Daries
DCES: IMG Advisor: Circuit 2      (Wards 54 & 57)
Metro Central Education District
Alexandra Provincial Office Precinct
Haven Road
Garden Village
Tel: +27 21 514 6707
Cell: 084 465 6262

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IQMS Programme_2013.docIQMS Programme_2013.doc
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