Thursday, 1 October 2015

School Administrative Assistants' Training

Dear Colleagues, a pleasant good morning to you. In our engagements with yourselves and the SIPs, we have identified the need for training and personal development  sessions  for the administrative assistants, which, amongst others, encompass the following:
·         Maximising the roles and responsibilities of the administrative assistants
·         Personal development for our admin staff
·         Cross-functional collaboration and partnership
·         Tying learning to tangible outcomes
·         Converting social content into meaningful engagement
As such we have commenced in our endeavour to afford the administrative assistants the opportunities to become value adding and value creating members of the value chain attached to the schools by arranging the below-mentioned training session:
DATE                     :               Thursday 15 October 2015
CIRCUITS             :               2; 5 and 6
VENUE                  :               Vanguard Primary School
TIME                      :               08h30 – 15h30
ATTENDEES         :               School Administrative Assistants
ATTENDANCE    :               Not Mandatory, but attending the full training session is MANDATORY

REGISTRATION  :              Please email/ fax  attendee names (2 maximum) to our Magda Botha on/before Thursday 1 October 2015.  This is urgent for catering and logistical arrangements.
·         Personal Development
·         Living a life of significance
·         Defining moment
·         Connecting with your dreams
·         Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF)
·         Personal Financial Awareness
·         Managing your stress
Thanking you in anticipation
Kind Regards.
M. Junaid Daries
Tel: 021 514 6707

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